Daniel Bartosik

thetechangel.com was started by Daniel Bartosik in 2003 when he became a professional in IT support. Daniel has tens of thousands of hours of experience in the industry, providing help and advice to nearly 400 individuals and small business in Central and West London.

Daniel started his first business in 1998, building websites, and then went on to create his first company in 2000. Daniel has worked with some of the most recognised brands including Amazon, Adobe, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and eBay to name a few.

Daniel is particularly proud to be a partner of the World Community Grid. A charitable foundation which makes use of idle PC processing time helping to solve the world’s problems.

As well as being an IT support technician, Daniel helps guide individuals and businesses to choose the right equipment for them, showing them through the many possible choices there are on offer. This includes the installation of wireless networks, broadband equipment, computers, and the installation of other hardware and software.

As well as traditional on-site support, Daniel is well experienced at phone support, in addition to being able to offer the cutting edge remote assistance technology for on-demand service for both Windows and Mac.

Daniel has always been noted for his enjoyment and enthusiasm of the work that he does and the people he meets. This is why people choose thetechangel.com, because he importantly recognises the best practices in business to create a reliable service and holds an interest in building strong and long lasting professional relationships with all of his clients.

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