Remote Assistance – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Assistance from

When you’re having a computer problem, sometimes you might want help from someone else. You can request Remote Assistance from to connect to your computer and help you. After connecting, the other person can view your computer screen and chat with you about what you both see.

Is it safe?

Yes. All remote assistance sessions from are encrypted (using a very high grade of security) before they are started.

Does this mean anyone can access my computer?

No. Only a technician can access your computer using this system.

Can you help Mac users as well as Windows users?

Yes. Mac OS-X users can be assisted as well as most versions of Windows.

Does my computer have to be turned-on?

A computer can only be accessed if it is already turned-on.

Does my computer need to be connected to the internet for a session to start?

Yes. Remote assistance only work if your computer has access to a working Internet connection.

Do I have to be on my normal Internet connection for it to work? can assist you wherever you are in the world: at home, the office, or the north pole! Providing you have an active and working Internet connection.

Can you see what is on my screen?

Whilst the remote assistance session is in progress you will be able to see everything that technician is doing. It is as if the technician where sitting next to you.

Can I work as normal on my computer whilst is in session?

Unfortunately not. The technician needs to be able to access the fully machine whilst a session in progress.

I have a question that isn’t listed here

If you have a question which isn’t listed here please do get in touch.

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