What to do if you loose your mobile phone

Lets face it, we are all much more likely to loose or have a mobile phone stolen, than we are to get run over my a bus or win the Lottery. You may or may not know that there is something in the UK called The mobile phone database which can prevent stolen or lost mobile phones from being used on any UK mobile network helping to make them worthless to anyone. Reporting the number of your stolen phone to your network operator can enable it to be cancelled like a stolen credit card. This applies to both pre-pay and contract phones.

The shared database is a joint idea set up by all UK mobile phone operators and the Global System for Mobiles Association (GSMA) which means stolen phones can be barred on all networks, by reference to the phone’s unique identifying code – International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI number (a unique serial number for a mobile phone)). This means that the handset itself (not just the SIM card which can easily be swapped) will be barred and will be unusable on any network, even if a new SIM card is inserted.

When you purchase a mobile phone (this applies to pay-as-you-go only) register the phone with your network operator. This will make barring easier.

Record your IMEI number and your phone number and keep these in a safe place separate from your phone. Your IMEI number can be accessed by keying *#06# into most phones or by looking behind the battery of your phone. It is a 15 digit number.

Report the number of your stolen phone to your network operator as quickly as you can. It can now be disabled.

If you have had your mobile stolen, you need to call your operator:

  • Orange: 07973 100150
  • Vodafone: 07836 191191
  • O2: 08705 214000
  • T-Mobile: 0845 412 5000
  • Virgin Mobile: 0845 6000 789