Don’t just get stamps this Christmas, get Smart Stamps

Getting stamps can be a real bore sometimes. But, this Christmas, why not save yourself a whole load of bother when sending out Christmas Cards (going to the post office – need I say more?)?

Smart Stamp envelopeThis year I discovered SmartStamps from Royal Mail. The system is clever and easy. All you need is your PC and a printer. SmartStamp is an service that lets you print any amount of postage onto an envelope – so you’ll never have to worry about buying stamps or using a franking machine.

You simply print any amount of postage directly onto an envelope or parcel – and then personalise it with your company logo or message to your receipients.

You can print a single envelope, label or sheets of labels, in any typeface stored on your PC, and there’s no maximum amount you can print.

The better is that SmartStamp can be used with most of the day to day services that you want from Royal Mail:

  • Special Delivery
  • First Class
  • Second Class
  • Parcels
  • Airmail

You can play around with a trail version of the software, before you even pay a penny. That way you can find out if it works with your printer. You can pay for SmartStamp in two ways – monthly (£4.99) or yearly(£49.99). Postage costs are the same as for stamps.

For the trail software, or to start using the service straight away, just click here. There is more info here to.

Sorry Mac users, but you will have to sit this one out, unless you also have access to a PC.

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