Touch Windows by Philips

Well, another technology is on the horizon. This time it is Philips who are taking their Ambi-light technology and placing it on windows. No, not the computer Windows, but real windows, the thing you look out of!

Users can filter out natural light and put in place colour graduations and animations. So, in theory you could make a dull day, a better looking day, or forget about having curtains all together. The concept by Philips has gone a little far at the point were it is also adding light therapy window-sills. You will see what this is exactly when you view the video below.

So, if you think about it, this concept could go further, because if you want to group even more windows this could lead to any size. Probably worth you keeping an eye out for this at B&Q in future, according to Philips it wouldn’t be commercially available for around 5 to 10 years.

Video powered by search

Apologies for the shaky camera, this is the best video I could find. It was either this one, or the video from a Spanish tech site.

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