Clean your PC today

As I mentioned here almost to the day a year ago, it’s bugs and flu season.

Dust sitting on a computer screenSo do make sure your keyboard, mouse and screen are clean. These are ideal places for germs to lurk and spread. This is especially true when you share your PC with other people, or you’re silver surfer and more susceptible to infection.

Usual rules apply:-

  • make sure the computer is turned off and unplugged before cleaning and only use simple disinfectants or wipes
  • ONLY use alcohol based wipes on your screen. Using anything else could damage your screen
  • Do not spray liquid directly on the screen
  • Do not use window sprays or cleaning products containing ammonia or abrasive ingredients
  • Do not use rough towels or cloths to dry or wipe
  • Turn off and unplug both the computer and the monitor
  • Use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to get at the dust in between your keyboard keys

To go with this post, there is of course a digital urban legend that I occasionally hear – “I clean my computer screen with hot soapy water”. My response is always “water and electricity. Need I say more?”

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