Asking Ask for a little to much information

This week’s Friday fun is something a little different. I was this afternoon having a browse of some search engines and entering silly keywords to see what I would get, and how search engines would respond.

In the case of – UK, as I was typing in “is it legal” I was presented with auto suggestions that appear as you type. I was a little disturbed to be given the options of “is it legal to own a monkey in the UK” or “is it legal to dock a dogs tail” , but better still “is it legal to marry your second cousin”!

You can turn off this feature, but after this laugh I might keep it on. See for yourself what happens when you type in the phrase “can you.”

As I was in the UK version, I could not help but wonder what the US version would give me to. See for yourself below, then give it a whirl yourself at

UK predicted results:-
Ask UK results

US predicted results:-
Ask US results

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