Which AntiVirus and how many should I have, and when should I renew or upgrade?

Someone asked me the following last week:-

“I have two programs running on my PC, but which is the better, and why is my computer so slow? Also one of them is asking me to renew the subscription, but should I to the most recent edition, or just continue to renew the subscription?”

Question markMy answer is always:-

“You should only have one AntiVirus program running / installed on your computer at anyone time. If you have more than one, the two tend to fight over each other and more often than not tend to generate ‘false-positive’ results for viruses and other risks which really aren’t there. Of course, you have two AntiVirus programs running, you create trice the load of processing on your computer. This slows it down massively.

Lastly, if you’re running AntiVirus software from 2005, you should upgrade to the most recent edition. Security ricks and viruses have come a bit more complex from when that software was designed. It will cost a little more to change over, but what price would you like to put on the data that you have on your computer?”

Most users should be happy running AntiVirus 2008 [thetechangel.com’s preferred choice of AntiVirus software]. You can order it through me if you are an existing customer. If not you can get it from Amazon (UK / USA), or download it right now from Symantec (the makers of the Norton software range) here for the UK and here for the US.

I recommend that users upgrade every other year to the most recent edition, and for the year in between to just renew the subscription. That way you keep in touch with what security issues can affect your PC, but do not incur a premium for upgrading each year.

Either way, if you’re still using a back dated security software, whatever your choice of AntiVirus may be, you really should consider moving on up, and not just renewing the subscription year in, year out.

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