Time to change those clocks

Whilst it is the weekend, I did want to post this earlier in the week. The clocks are going back one hour this weekend, so this officially means we are entering , so don’t forget to that your PC has done so to.

Halloween Pumpkin 2007Fortunately, your computer will already know this and will adjust itself. If the computer has the wrong time or date in its it won’t do it correctly.

To check if your computer has the correct time and date set, just right click over the clock in the bottom right of your screen and choose ‘adjust time and date’. Then look and see if the both time and date are correct in the window that appears.

If you find that other devices do not update, such as radios, decoders, and , etc. Just turn them off at the mains for 15 seconds and then turn back on. Time checks should be done by the device and update. Sorry, but the microwave clock and video machine will have to be done manually.

In other , I just finished carving my Halloween pumpkin, much more fun than hacking away at a computer – I can assure you!

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