Important update to Adobe Reader

Just a quick, but important, note to say that there is an update for Reader that contains an important .

So, when you have a moment (when you have finished reading this posting from top to bottom) make sure you update. It won’t take two minutes. Go to Start > All Programs > Adobe Reader. Once Adobe reader has loaded, on the top menu press Help > for > on the dialog box that appears press download and install updates. Done!

On a separate issue, Symantec (makes of ) have discovered a new Trojan named ‘Trojan.Pidief.A’ that exploits itself through PDF documents (Adobe Reader). Symantec said “So far we have seen a fair number of emails containing this new Trojan in the wild. It is likely that Trojan.Pidief.A has been spammed out in targeted attacks on specific business organizations.”

The all important details to look out for are The Trojan will most likely arrive through with a subject such as “invoice”, “statement” or “bill” of some description, and just containing the .pdf file. So far the following file names used:

– BILL.pdf

The emails are using the following subject lines (note the misspellings):

– INVOICE alacrity
– INVOICE depredate

So make sure you update your AntiVirus software too.

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