Facebook users are making themselves more likely to be a victim of identity theft

With the ever increasing numbers of people signing up to Facebook, and I have noticed that more of my senior customers are getting Facebook accounts, not just ‘the young ones’. But, there is also a correlation in identity theft to with the more you join and socialise on the network.

By posting just a handful of personal details on the site can give the fraudsters plenty of info to run on. Including setting-up bank accounts, and credit cards in victims names.

In Watchdog on BBC1, tonight, the consumer affairs programme conducted an experiment by setting up an entirely fictional personal profile, called “Amba Friend” .

“Amba Friend” then contacted 100 people on Facebook at random inviting them to become her friend. Amazingly / surprisingly / disturbingly, 35 of the 100 contacted replied instantly and became friends with her profile. This in turn gave access to their personal details.

So the usual advice about social networking remains: know who your friends really are and don’t accept invites from people who you don’t know.

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