Windows Vista Service pack for now – but is it an alpha, beta, or is it a ‘Vista Performance and Reliability Pack’?

**UPDATE** A proper Windows for Vista (SP1) is now available –
click here for details and guide to installation

This morning, I was delighted to read that has released an ‘unofficial’ service pack for . I would assume that this is really a Service Pack (Alpha) for Vista, but then again, the marketing department at is calling it a “Vista Performance and Pack”, or for a minority of users a plaster over a fairly big wound! Could we get some gauze please?

Windows Vista - The official, unofficial Service PackWhen the original release leaked out onto the at the end of July, it would seam that Microsoft decided it would be better to officially acknowledge it, even if they do call it an unofficial release. This is a very good step in the right direction.

The patches themselves do seem to offer some good improvements to users, in particular the areas of reliability and system performance. These include file transfer speeds, and driver compatibility fixes.

Some sources in the wild are saying that they have seen no overall improvements, but a majority of users are saying that the Vista Performance and Reliability Pack is well worth installing.

For those of use who have moved onto Vista, which is a good idea for majority of people, there have been some slight issues. This apparently is 60 million of us by the way.

I can say that things have improved for me on my 32-bit Vista Ultimate (upgraded from ) PC. But, as ever it would be good for people reading this to post feedback and comments below and let others know that this is worth / not worth doing. Then again, what do you have to loose by not doing the downloads?

Links to the official, unofficial Service Pack:

Important note: It is advised that you install one group of patches at a time, then restart your machine and do the other. It is also strongly recommended that you defragment your hard drive after installing the patches. Details of how to do this can be found here.

Update: A second series of are now available, install the above two first, then head over to here for further improvement.

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