Nokia announces battery replacement – adding another recall to the list

nokia batteryJust when I was beginning to think that the gremlins had finished their evil work on the world, Nokia has announced a product recall for all their BL-5C batteries.

The BL-5C batteries appear in quite a few makes of Nokia mobile, or may have been sold separately. In a statement, the company said: “Nokia has identified that in very rare cases the affected batteries could potentially experience over heating initiated by a short circuit while charging, causing the battery to dislodge.”

The list of models includes the following:-

Nokia 1100, Nokia 1100c, Nokia 1101, Nokia 1108, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1112, Nokia 1255, Nokia 1315, Nokia 1600, Nokia 2112, Nokia 2118, Nokia 2255, Nokia 2272, Nokia 2275, Nokia 2300, Nokia 2300c, Nokia 2310, Nokia 2355, Nokia 2600, Nokia 2610, Nokia 2610b, Nokia 2626, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3105, Nokia 3120, Nokia 3125, Nokia 6030, Nokia 6085, Nokia 6086, Nokia 6108, Nokia 6175i, Nokia 6178i, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 6270, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6631, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 6820, Nokia 6822, Nokia 7610, Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N91, Nokia E50, Nokia E60

More info can be found on the Nokia Battery Replacement site. Though the seems minimal, and Nokia is certainly playing down any danger, it’s probably worth checking. If it appears on the list, Nokia will provide a replacement free of charge. Which is nice.

For those of you who are unaware of the previous battery issues affecting laptops, see these articles:-

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