Coming to a Flash Video – high definition (soon!)

flash-HD has announced it would like to add better video compression to its hugely popular Player that would bring high-definition video to users whilst streaming.

On Tuesday, the company showed off a beta release of the new Flash Player which it has code-named ‘Moviestar’.

The new features will be available in the Autumn as part of an update to version 9 of the Flash Player. The update will take advantage of today’s better graphics cards and processing power.

The Flash format is widely considered a necessary format for video based sites. The supporting of the H.264 standard is already being used in formats such as Blu-Ray and -DVDs. The update will mean that more video content sites, such as YouTube, could possibly offer videos for users in an (high definition) format.

But wait! this year has already released it challenge to Adobe with it’s new program Silverlight. has been quick to make sure that video streaming sites also adopt their format. So maybe we will be seeing more than one format war at a time (Blu-ray verses HD-DVD).

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