The Amazing iPhone is Here

In case you have been on the International Space Station since January of this year, ’s much hyped started selling in the States on Friday. Whilst users in Europe have to wait until at least the 3rd quarter of 2007 to get their hands on it, it looks like (according to rumours the world over) Orange may well be awarded the European contract.

iPhone splash - HelloWhilst I have to say I think the iPhone is a fantastic innovation, bringing together music and into one gadget, I am a little surprised by the tariff imposed on users who wish to get their hands on one today in the States:-

AT&T and Apple have announced what the iPhone will cost customers over the two-year contract they’ll be obliged to sign.

The iPhone will require an activation fee of $36, in addition to the $599 price tag on the device itself. Customers will then need to sign up to price plans at $60, $80 or $100 a month, all featuring unlimited data and 200 text messages, but with 450, 900 and 1,350 voice minutes respectively.

Add it all up and it comes to just over $2,000, or an even grand in proper ( £) money. But, who amongst parents, customers, or most Europeans alike has an even grand to pay a mobile bill?

Incidentally, an update to was posted to coincide with the release of the iPhone. Users can expect to find additional features for the iPhone. In addition, those of you who are lucky enough to own an Apple TV set-top-box, owners can now wirelessly share photos from any computer in your home. The Apple media hub was previously limited to Photo syncing only.

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