Insuring your music, but are your downloads covered?

Whilst browsing my collection of 3831 songs on my , 300 of which are paid for downloads, the rest is from the CD collection, I got to wondering: what do companies do in the case of downloads? What happens if your computer is destroyed by flooding, fire, children, etc?

iTunes Cover FlowMy 300 downloads from is roughly to the value of £230 from over the years. If I lost it all tomorrow (touch wood!) would I be able to claim it back?

A little research later revealed that I was not alone in this stream of thought

So the following should give you an answer should you not want to read the article above:-

Short answer: some insurance companies will have you covered, and will replace your digital collection. Others won’t.
Long answer: read the small print on your policy or ask your insurance company, and…BACK IT ALL UP!

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