Text spam: learn how to name and shame, and do something about it

Grrrrrrrrrrr! It drives me crazy. This rather old, but making a come back, fashion of spammers sending messages to your mobile saying that your is due soon. Yes, even the technician receives them.

Text-spam messageWell this afternoon I received on of those irritating messages (see right for what I received). The usual issue is that the spammer has the ability to mask their bad habit by using a word instead of a number, so it is impossible to respond with the word ‘STOP’ in order to get yourself off the list.

Also, I know when my contract is due for renewal, I know when things should happen, and my network kindly call me to tell me what options I have (being a business customer and all).

If your nodding your head at this, and thinking “me too”, you are not alone. On receiving this complete I decided to see what I can do about these scumbags.

07text0spam.com screenshotI used the all powerful theopenworld.com search engine and ran into a site called 07text0spam.com. This site is great for a name and shame session, the best part is you can forward your spam-text to the site, which instantly will post the text on the site for others to acknowledge that if they have received the same message, if it is indeed a fake.

The more important part is that their catalogue of text-spam is then sent onto higher powers such as the Advertising Services Authority and ICSTIS.

So next time you receive a spam-text forward it onto 07TEXT 0SPAM (078398 07726). It is good to see some peoplepower being exercised in what is now a growing problem – why should we put up with it?

Any further ideas or other useful info, users should contribute usings the comments button below this post.

Link: www.07text0spam.com

Link: www.theopenworld.com/search

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  1. R. Rickshaw says:

    Thanks. This is helpful. Another place to report text spam is at http://www.classactionconnect.com/?q=node/656.

    Note this is for users in the US