It is time for Vista

As many customers know, had arrived back in January. Some asked at the time, “should I ?” The professional party line was a blunt “no”.

Windows Vista LogoNow that Vista has had some time for development in the wild (the real world), pleased to announce that upgrading to Windows Vista is now advisable for some and many.

Whilst the majority for home / office users will find the upgrade experience a very happy one. Those of you who use very specialist or bespoke software, i.e. stock trading, etc, it would be advised that you with the software vendor before an upgrade, so visit their websites and look for clues or ask.

Some customers machines may need to be replaced due to the load bearing needs of Vista, others will find that their current machines will be accommodating of the new .

As ever, ask (previously known as for more info and about moving on from .

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