Bcc: your way to popularity

We all from time to time get an , where not only it has been sent to ourselves, but also other people. We can see this because the sender has stuck all the addresses in the ‘To:’ field.

@ to @ signsThis is not always welcome or good practice. Either because we don’t want to have our email addresses circulated so easily, anyone who chooses ‘reply to all’ ends up emailing everyone lists, or because it leaves all the listed addresses open to spammers, should the message be passed onto an unsavoury recipient / mailbox.

Next time you want to forward something onto lots of people use the ‘Bcc’ (Blind carbon copy) field to put addresses in. It works exactly the same as the ‘To’ field, but instead sends individual copies of messages to people and does not reveal who else you sent it to.

To view the Bcc option in Express: press View > All headers
To view the Bcc option in Outlook: press View > Bcc field

Once you start a new message, you will see Bcc listed underneath the To field – stick your contacts into there, type your message and send.

This I am sure would be a welcome idea to many of you, and should also be shared with friends and contacts alike.

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