Phoning me, phoning you

Old bakerlight telephoneThis is really just a nagging thing that I think needs to be addressed.

If you do decide to phone me and I am not available to speak for one reason or another, please do leave a message. If you don’t, I won’t do a call back.

Why, you may ask? Because either I don’t always get a number to call you back on, i.e. my screen just says ‘private or withheld number called today at time X’ as some customers withhold their telephone number*, or I would consider the issue you were phoning about to have resolved itself.

I do return all messages left within 48 hours^, but it is very rare to have to wait that long for a response of some kind. Plus, a majority of calls are to book a time with me, which can be done online here and only takes a couple of minutes, which is very much encouraged.

Just wanted to clear the air as some people do grumble about this thing, but there is method in the madness!

*either the Telco does that or they just choose to be ex-directory. ^Excluding weekends and holidays. For example, you leave a message at midday or Friday, the latest call-back time would be midday Tuesday.

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