Farewell to the tape and floppy – the magnetic media end is Nye

The last couple of months has started to spell the end of an old media age in favour of new ones.

This week Curry’s Digital (or previously known a Dixons) has announced it will stop stocking audio tapes. Quite as to why this product was not abandoned sooner is strange. Ask yourself, when was the last time you bought an audio cassette? For me it was about 1998. Now ask your self when was the last time you saw music for sale on an audio cassette?

You see where this is going.

Floppy disk and cassette tapeWith a world were digital media is always the first choice for consumers, whether it be a DVD, CD or digital music downloads, I was surprised to learn that it has taken this long for tapes to leave our shop shelves.

Also back in April of this year, another old, but popular magnetic media was given the final whirring to goodbye  – the floppy disk.

This I really do find a little odd, as Mac’s stopped using floppy disks in 1998, and Windows PCs from a majority of manufactures stopped selling back in about 2003. Which does not seem so long ago for the consumer, but in the digital age is a very long time.

But still, as the floppy first appeared in the early 1970’s, to find it lasting much longer than the audio cassette, it has proven to be a worthy choice for many.

The Floppy Disk and Audio Cassette  – died together in 2007. Their passing will be noted by the arrival of their upgraded children, Bluray and HD-Media. No Flowers.

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