Cheap broadband from £10s a month! Only from UKonline

UKonlineGood news, as of this Friday, for those of you who wish to get broadband from £9.99 a month.

I have made friends with UKonline, who now offer great value broadband for both home, and now small business.

The price of their broadband has been difficult to match in the broadband market place for some while now.

Those of you who want to transfer your broadband to them can do so by clicking the link below. Alternatively ask (previously known as how to do it on the next visit.

Link: Go get broadband from UKonline.

Don’t forget if you already have broadband on your phoneline, that your existing service provider will need to be informed of the transfer, and that you need to ask them for a MAC number.**MAC: ‘Migration Authorisation Code’, a unique identifier used by broadband consumers when they wish to switch broadband service providers. It helps make the process easier for all parties involved, and gets you transfered a lot quicker.

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