A virus makes something old, something new

Those naughty people have created a strain of malware which uses memory sticks, also known as USB flash drives, as a vector for infection.

USB flash driveThe boringly titled ‘SillyFD-AA’ worm spreads by duplicating itself from infected machines onto removable drives such as USB memory sticks before automatically running when the device is next connected to a computer.

The problem child is also capable of spreading through floppy discs (not that those are really around anymore, see article called ‘Farewell to the tape and floppy – the magnetic media end is Nye‘) creates a hidden file called autorun.inf that runs itself the next time infected media is plugged into a Windows PC.

The infected PCs are easy to spot. The title bar of Internet Explorer on infected Windows machines is changed to include the phrase “Hacked by 1BYTE”. In both its mode of infection and its lack of profit-driven motive, the SillyFD-AA worm is a throwback to the days when viruses were written for kudos rather than as part of some money-making scheme.

Usual procedures apply in this case, always keep your antivirus up to date and in addition, any storage device should be checked for viruses and other nasties before use. Just plug-in your USB flash drive, for example: go to my computer > the name or drive letter of your flash drive > and right click over it and choose scan with antivirus, or words to that effect. That should help keep the wolf from the door.

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