Shred it, before you bin it!

Recently I got a hold of shredder. With in a few weeks I had successfully managed to fill the bin with a stack load of shredded things. I could not believe how much I managed to shred, and what a waste of paper my life accumulates.

So whilst putting out a bag of the normal things to be recycled I realised that I could recycle all of the stuff I shredded. So I placed one of the bags provided by K&C council in the base and started to shred all sorts. Including envelopes, daily shopping receipts, mail shots, leaflets, and general bits and pieces of paper.

Bag of shredded paperWithin a little under 3 weeks I had managed to fill the bin again, with over a kilo and half (equivalent to a bag and half of sugar in weight) of shredded paper!

This lead me think that not only was I protecting my general by not allowing personal data to drift off in my normal rubbish, but I was also .

My shredder cost £35 from (Fellows P-45C Cross Cut Shredder), but there are lots of models out there. Bear in mind that some shredders are not able to cope with staples, so before you buy.

Full list of shredders on:

John Lewis

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