How to dispose of your credit card

Let’s face it; fraud is rife at the moment and among the raft of fraud related crimes, identity theft is right up there.

So whilst disposing of my old credit card, I thought I would make an example of how to do it best.

CC choppingStep one: cut your card down the middle at an angle.

Step two: cut your card down the middle through the numbers.

Step three: cut your card’s chip.

(click to see first image for example)

CC card peicesStep four: take pieces A and E (click to see second image for example) and dispose of immediately.

Step five: take pieces B, C and E and dispose of at a later date, i.e. when your next rubbish collection is.

I am sure if we all applied the six degrees of separation theory to share information such as this to help tackle credit card fraud and identity theft, it would decrease over night.

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