Get shock protection before you get a shock

The weather is certainly beginning to get warmer and warmer in the Capital, and we all know what that means  – lighting storms. I remind all customers, and anyone else who may be reading this, that major risks to your PC and other electrical equipment can come at this time of year.

Shock protected adaptorsThe usual standing advice is to get a rack adaptor (pictured right) with shock protection on board. They cost about £15 upwards and are so well worth having. Most of them will come with guarantee in the event that they may not work (unlikely you will ever need to exercise it).

But just think about the chaos if your equipment were to be shocked and destroyed. And yes, I do know of some customers that this has already happened too.

If you want to order one through just email me at the usual address and I can get one out to you. Alternatively, you can buy at

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