No patch-batch Tuesday next week – SHOCK!

Very surprisingly Microsoft has announced that doesn’t plan to issue any security updates next week. This is a most unusual break in what is quite the monthly ritual for Windows users.

They will, however, be issuing a number of non-security related high-priority updates as normal.

Windows Update in VistaAccording to eEye, popular versions of Word remain vulnerable to an unpatched vulnerability discovered four weeks ago that might be used to spread malware, so it’s not as if there’s no need for Microsoft to issue patches.

In the IT community this has prompted speculation and conspiracy theories (well if Microsoft has no updates to release, that it leaves very little else for the IT community to do!) about the possible causes.

One of the more favoured theories is that the absence of updates is the result of the upcoming Sunday switch in some geographies to Daylight Savings (Summer) Time. This new schedule for Daylight Savings Time may affect some software packages. The theory suggests Microsoft might be trying to avoid negative interactions of new patches on Tuesday only a couple of days after the clocks go forward.

Whatever the reason for the mysterious lack of patches: stay alert and keep watching the skies, or the Blogberry – which ever suits you best.

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