Let the British Summer Time begin!

red_clock.jpgYes, it nearly is that time of year again. This Sunday the UK moves its clocks forward from Greenwich Mean Time by one hour (GMT+1).

Fortunately, your computer will already know this and will adjust itself. If the computer has the wrong time or date in its memory it won’t do it correctly.

To check if your computer has the correct time and date set, just right click over the clock in the bottom right of your screen and choose ‘adjust time and date’. Then look and see if the both time and date are correct in the window that appears.

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  1. George Gray says:

    Referring to BST starting in 2008 (30 March) I was under the impression that if Easter came before that date, as it does next year, the clocks would go forward on EASTER DAY.

    Is that no longer the case?

  2. The Editor says:

    In 2008:-
    Sunday 30 March
    0100 GMT becomes 0200 BST

    Sunday 26 October
    0200 BST becomes 0100 GMT

    Around March and October, just before the clocks are due to change a debate rages across the country about whether British Summer Time should remain or not.

    I can’t tell you for definite that British Summer Time will remain until 2010.