Charging yourself on the go

Whilst wondering down High Street Ken on Friday to go to a customer, I could not help but notice in Easy Internet a tall, black, strange looking box with the words ‘ChargeBox’ written down the side. This wasn’t the first time I had seen one of these Space Odyssey 2001 looking boxes. On further investigation later that day, I discovered what this mysterious box did – and it is rather clever.

Charge boxA ChargeBox allows you to charge your power hungry devices whilst out and about. – such as mobile phones, iPods and PDAs inside a securable locker. It does seem they support quite an array of mobile devices.

The idea is that should your mobile battery, or iPod, be dying due to no juice, just find your nearest ChargeBox location (and there are plenty of them about, not just in London but the world over) either pay the £1 fee using the old coin method or paying via text message. This will then buy you 40 minutes of charge time. You seal you device in one of the lockers, leave it be and come back later to collect and go. Genius!

You can find more about this clever invention and its locations at

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