A view to Vista

Hi All. In the weekend just gone, I have been trying out the final release for Windows Vista. There are 3 versions for the average Joe to use, and two versions for Businesses and Enterprisers respectively. I chose Windows Ultimate (the most expensive). First and for most – what an improvement it is!

Windows Vista desktopPlenty of new and practical features are built in. Greatly improved security (but it is recommended that you still have Norton AntiVirus 2007), cleaner and crisper graphics, DVD video burning tools, instant search tools, and lots more.

But – and there is a but  – I do find it incomprehensible that programs such as iTunes do not function properly. It has driven me crazy that my iPod seems to want to sync continually and infinitely. Or, my HP printer software does not work at all with Vista and that HP is still trying to get an update out. So I am without a scanner for the time being. Why weren’t these programs prepped before the release?

My other irritation, which is minor, is Vista asking me if I want to grant access to the Internet for programs. This includes programs which are made by Microsoft and came bundled with Vista.

The advice is…

Plenty of customers have asked about getting an upgrade, and the advice is wait until June / July time before you consider an upgrade. This will allow for plenty of time for bugs and other issues which have already raised their ugly heads to get sorted out. Secondly, PCs that are older than 18 months may well struggle to cope with the demands of Windows Vista, so an all-new PC maybe required. Below is a link that can install a capability test tool to see if your current PC can work on Vista.

Compatibility Tool Test: click here.

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