Change in hourly rate – September 2014

Dear all,

With effect from Monday 1st September 2014 my hourly rate will increase to £40.00 per hour.*

Over the past few years there have been a number of improvements to the service that I offer. Many clients have experienced the benefits of a new remote assistance system that was implemented in 2011 which allowed me to resolve issues much faster than was previously possible. …read more »

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Using an old version of Skype? Time to hang-up

Skype have announced that it will be retiring old versions of Skype for both Windows and Mac over the next few months.

On the official Skype blog, Tom Huang stated “As we look ahead to the future, we’re focusing our efforts on bringing the latest and greatest to the most recent versions of Skype. As a result, we are going to retire older versions of Skype for Windows desktop (6.13 and below) as well as Skype for Mac (6.14 and below) over the next few months.” …read more »

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Just popping out, will be back before you know it!

Just to let you know that out of the office on a very short break from Friday 6th until Wednesday 11th June. …read more »

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Easter 2014 is just around the corner

Dear all,

I cannot quite believe how fast this year is going by!

This is one of those emails from me to say that Easter is just around the corner and that I will be out of the office from Thursday 17th– Wednesday 23rd April. …read more »

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The sun is about to set on Windows XP

On 8th April 2014 Microsoft will no longer support Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows XP (That is a Tuesday for those of you who are marking it in your diary).  Two weeks from today! …read more »

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Cyclists being seen and anticipated – Future Tech

Cycling in London is getting to be more popular than ever but sadly there are an increasing number of accidents on the Capital’s roads involving cyclists.

Prevention of an accident is a difficult thing to tackle, but, a clever team of people have taken the time to change an already simple device into a better device. …read more »

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Apple releases iOS 7.1

Apple has released a significant update to iOS7 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The update ebrings some new features and improvements to the mighty operating system such as a new system to the ‘Phone‘ app, new Siri improvements and CarPlay. …read more »

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Apple decides to make Snow Leopard Extinct

What is sure to be a surprise to some Apple users, it has decided that its popular operating system Snow Leopard is to be left out in the cold to die. …read more »

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Christmas & New Year 2013

Dear all,

Just to let you know that will be ditching the screen, keyboard and mouse in favour of rest, rich food and some family time. Which means the Christmas break this year is from …read more »

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How to turn private browsing on or off in iOS7

I seem to have noticed that people don’t know how to turn private browsing on or off in Safari on their iPhone or iPad, as it is no longer located under ‘Settings’. …read more »

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