How to setup a Yahoo or email account on an iPhone?

When setting-up an email account, whether it is a computer or mobile phone, sometimes the device cannot automatically pick-up the correct settings for a or email address.

For example, when I have been setting up a clients’ iPhone with a BT email address, the iPhone has sometimes struggled to get the settings on its own.

EDIT (10.04.2013): Please note, this article is only valid up to iOS version 6.0. Yahoo / have since changed the set-up process to work better. If you are using a BT email address you only need to do steps 1 -5. For a Yahoo address choose the Yahoo option at the ‘add mail account’ steps. To update to the latest iOS see here.

I’ve found it best to go through settings >mail contacts, calendars > add account… > don’t choose the ‘yahoo’ option, tap the ‘other’ option from the bottom of the list > Add Mail Account and enter the following details:

  1. Name – it can be anything you want, but usually your real name is preferable
  2. Address – your full Yahoo or BT Internet email address
  3. Password – your  email account password
  4. Description – this can be used if you have more than one email account on the device but put something like ‘work’ or ‘personal, or ‘yahoo’ or ‘BT Internet
  5. Press “Next” and allow the verification (this may take a few minutes)

On the next screen it will want you to input incoming and outgoing mail server details:

  1. Tap ‘IMAP’ at the top, POP3 doesn’t work so well these days with Yahoo

Incoming mail server settings:

  • Host name:
  • Username: your full Yahoo or BT Internet email address
  • Password:  your  email account password

Outgoing mail server settings:

  • Host name:
  • Username: your full Yahoo or BT Internet email address
  • Password:  your  email account password
  1. Press ‘next’
  2. Slide the notes and mail to be ‘on’ and press ‘save’ in the top-right
  3. Check your email on the device and see if it is working. Try sending yourself a message and see if it arrives. If messages are not able to send do the following:

Additional setting changes

  1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > tap your Yahoo or BT email account > a window will appear, tap on your email address > scroll down to the bottom of the window and tap where it says ‘SMTP’ > tap the primary server (which should be >make sure the following is on or enabled:
    1. ‘Use SSL’ should be ‘ON’
    2. Authentication should be ‘password’
    3. Server port should be ‘465’
    4. Press ‘done’ in the top-right
  2. Now do back to your emails and see if you can send
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  1. John McDaid says:

    Please can you send me my password. i cannot remember it

  2. Zac says:

    Hi editor was wondering if this info was still correct as still have no response with instructions? I’m on 02 and have previously had them working but ever since new iOS it’s been nothing but problems.

    • The Editor says:

      Probably best to run the software update for iOS, as there are plenty of bug fixes which resolves comm problems. The setup info above is still correct (as of 15.03.2013).

  3. RUTH CARTER says:

    my previous e mail does not function, now I have a new e mail and password (see above) how can I get it changed by yu so I can read my bills. Thanks, Ruth

    • The Editor says:

      Dear Ruth,
      You should ask BT directly about this, not here. You are paying them after all!
      Thank you for posting your comment.

  4. Tamar says:

    Followed all these instructions to the letter on an iphone 5 with a btinternet email addy – still not working 🙁

  5. robertmccambridge says:

    Am trying to get my email [ADDRESS REMOVED BY EDITOR]

    • The Editor says:

      Please don’t post your personal email address on public comments, anywhere on the Internet. It will only lead to trouble for you.

  6. Marignane says:

    THANKYOU! This is the ONLY advice that worked. Fantastic!

  7. Kevin says:

    Fantastic info.. Worked like a dream

  8. Michael Short says:

    good stuff on the iPhone 5 (what a piece of junk this phone is) I had to type in port 110 (after trying 465 for incoming) it then connected, downloaded and changed port to 465? bizarre