Firefox Flash Fix for Windows 64-bit

Last weekend a customer got in touch about an problem with 64-bit.

3 for Windows 64-bit editions

As regular readers will know, Flash fixes seems to be a bit of a thing on the Blogberry – by far the most popular articles of all time!

Because 64-bit environments in Windows are relatively new, this is has been the first opportunity that has had to troubleshoot the issue.

After much research for the customer in , a conclusion was drawn that all my methods, and other available methods either didn’t work (as in they we too old) or simply were too complicated to execute.

The customer as an alternative to 64-bit (which wouldn’t run flash) had already tried Firefox v3 on their machine and encountered the same problem of any Flash content not working (usual BBC iPlayer, YouTube, etc).

The problem with Firefox from Mozilla is that they are working on a 64-bit version of the ever popular browser, and Adobe are yet to release a Flash Player 10 version which is also compatible with Windows 7 64-bit (I am aware of ‘Minefield’ for those in the know). Adobe has long since promised an update for 64-bit users with this problem.

In the end it was the case of I had to build the patch / myself . It worked for the customer, and it may do for you!


  • Any Windows edition, either Vista or 7, which is 64-bit (not a 32-bit Windows Edition with a 64-bit processor onboard)
  • Firefox 3 and it should be the most recent edition
  • You must be either the administrator, or with administrator privileges
  • You should make sure that any existing Adobe Flash installations are removed before proceeding (Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features)

If it works, feel free to express your joy in the comments below. If it doesn’t work, say so too, I am curious!

» Download’s Firefox Windows 64-bit patch here.


  1. Download the patch from the above link and save it your desktop or downloads folder.
  2. Close all Firefox windows. You must make sure Firefox is closed before installing
  3. Open the patch.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Install (do not change the destination folder).
  6. Start Firefox as you normally would and about:plugins into the address bar. Look for the Shockwave Flash plug-in and if it is enabled.
    1. If it is, then please proceed to YouTube for a full on test.
    2. If it isn’t then restart the computer and try YouTube in Firefox.
  7. Either way, joy or sorrow, please feel free to comment below and share this page with others who maybe in the same boat*.


*As a friendly [copyright] reminder please do not link directly to the download, or copy instructions from this page. Only link to this page.

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92 comments to Firefox Flash Fix for Windows 64-bit
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  1. Ron says:

    Tried your Adobe Flash plug-in for the windows 7 64 bit processor and it appears to be working like a charm. I have been looking for a fix for months and nothing was working. My wife and son have been dogging me about how windows 7 was a big mistake and can’t we just go back to Vista?! Much thanks and appreciation. You saved my manhood. 🙂

    • The Editor says:

      Hi Ron,

      Delighted to hear this has worked for you, and thank you for letting me know.

      Now share, share, share!!!

  2. Anders says:

    Just installed this. Still waiting to experience problems 😀 ! Great work To who made this!!!!!

  3. Saidas says:

    Will this work for 32bit? I’m having exactly the same problem only with 32bit. Thanks!

    W7U 32/NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT/FFv3

  4. PCM says:

    For Ubuntu 9.10 running 64-bit, I had the same issue with Firefox 3.5.x, when trying to view some flash videos, like those on

    Solution was to download the flash plugin for linux:

    I used the tar.gz version and uncompressed and un-tar’ing the library. I saved the old version of from /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ and then copied in this one. I retried Flash from Firefox and it worked (though I don’t see the pause button displayed).

    Note: if you run the install script that comes with the library, it says that it is not supported on a 64 bit architecture and exits w/o installing.

  5. Dan says:

    Hey Tech Angel. You seem to be “Da Man”. I Like Windows Explorer, not Firefox:( Do you have any idea on a time frame when there will be a fix for windows 7 and 64bit explorer setups??? Can you just magicly fix it for us all:)?

    • Dan, wish i could help you on this one, but I don’t think I can. I can’t offer a solution yet, but if I can I will let you know.

      Keep yourself checking back here for any possible updates.

  6. Linda says:

    With much appreciation to thetechangel for such expert Diagnosis and Patch Treatment Plan, thus saving my sanity with the Windows 7 64-bit debacle.

    • Thank you Linda for “Diagnosis and Patch Treatment Plan”!

      It’s always good to see the customers commenting too, as well as outsiders. Even if you are the customer in question!!!

  7. matt wilkie says:

    Can you please provide details of what’s in the patch / how you built it?

    I’m loath to patch binaries or recommend same to others in the same situation without more information. There are too many sensitive transactions done in the browser these days to trust blindly. Please don’t take offense. I believe you to be honest, but it’s not enough to simply believe.


    • I have not taken offence to you querying this, you are quite right to. In case though you didn’t explore the rest of the site, I am a professional and this is what I do for a living. I run the blog in order to share tip-bits and helpful info with others for free.

      You’re more than welcome to scan the file for viruses and spyware before installing if it puts your mind at rest.

  8. zzak says:

    Hi techangel.. my Google Chrome and IE8 are also showing the same symptoms. Somehow the Flashplayer seems very unstable. The crash happens on all browsers on x64 Windows 7 machine. Anything on IE8 and/or Chrome Flash problems? Thanks.

    • zzak, sorry, but can’t help you with this one.

      Keep yourself checking back here for any possible updates though.

  9. Anders says:

    It’s seems to have stopped working for me…
    On another website someone has claimed that this fixed the problem for him.

    Disabling the IDC PC Audio codec fixed it for me. 1. Start Menu -> Run* -> Type ‘msconfig’ -> OK -> Startup -> Uncheck ‘IDC PC Audio’ ->Apply -> OK -> Reboot PC 2. Sound Settings** -> Highlight ‘Speakers/Headphones’ -> Properties -> Enhancements -> Check ‘Disable All Enhancements’ -> Apply -> OK 3. Highlight ‘Independent (R.T.C.) Headphones’ -> Properties -> Enhancements -> Check ‘Disable All Enhancements’ -> Apply -> OK -> OK

  10. zzak says:

    I installed the latest version of firefox and it crashed when I tried to access a site with flash. I then applied your patch and it works like a charm. Smooth sailing ever since. Thank you Mr. Techangel. You sure are an angel on this one. Cheers.

  11. Elena says:

    Hi, thanks it worked… if only for an instant! downloaded patch, installed it as advised, then – yuppi – saw flash player enabled, went to youtube, it worked. opened facebook to see video from there – nothing. came back to youtube – nothing, checked the add-ons – flash disappeared. why is my joy not long lived? can you please please let me know why this could happen – and how to fix it. (tried restarting windows and re-installing the patch, same result) :(((

  12. Elena says:

    Hello again Techangel, I think I figured out what was the problem (I know my way around pcs/my laptop, though not overly advanced when it comes to installing or using alternative stuff…) – I have been using IE8 and it won’t work (miracle happened though, worked once!) – installed firefox 3.5 now and it seems to be ok – easy to use (used IEs all my life, used Opera fo a year, didn’t really like it) and main thing – IT IS WORKING! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

    Adobe and Microsoft shall be ashamed for putting people though this – in this day and age!

  13. ADOBESUCKS says:

    i work as a customer service representative in adobe. they dont support flash player because its a free product. it sucks… they are producing a piece of product that is not accessible to everyone…

  14. Emily says:

    It worked for me too! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I spent 2 hours on tech support with hp and all they did was set my computer back to a previous time… and then the problem occurred again! Here’s hoping the problems are gone!

  15. pat says:

    This patch worked for a second. It has now since died. I was simply listening to Pandora and then it just locked up on me. This has been happened ever since I switched to Windows 7. Being frustrating, I was halfway tempted toss my laptop across the room, but I can’t just ruin that much money with a single toss. I experience this lockup across all browsers, Chrome, IE and the latest Firefox. It only works back to normal when I restart my laptop which is overly annoying. Any suggestions of how to fix this issue. I can provide any information that you may require.

    • Pat, sounds to me like security software has undone your efforts. Check those settings on AntiVirus and Firewall’s, or try disabling them for 20 minutes and see if things work normally in Firefox after applying the patch again.

  16. tyler says:

    I tried the patch. Did not work. I have tried using every browser, with and without flash downloaded. I wanna toss my laptop out the window. Ever since windows 7 i can’t play any games online or games I have installed. I messed with the CODEC that did not work. I reset the settings back to what they were and now I lost my sound. I need some help big time.

  17. Luke says:

    Sadly, I’ve had no luck with this either, flash will run for a few seconds, and then catastrophically crash as it has been doing before, either causing a complete system lockup or killing the machine entirely.

  18. Dianna Miller says:

    Can you help me with my problem. I have upgraded from Vista 64 bit to Windows 7 64 bit. Ever since my upgrade, while I am on facebook, particularly Farmville & Yoville, my internet explorer stops working. I get the error message, the browser reloads and maybe I can work a few more minutes and it will crash again. Sometime I am not so luck, I don’t even get an error message. I end up with the blue screen. The error on the blue screen is system_service_exception. I have removed add-on, reset the browser, checked for malware, viruses, used registry repair programs, disabled the hardware accelerator, removed old programs, installed firefox used it still crashes. I have performed chdsk, memory tests, removed everything extra off my computer (hardware wise). I am at my wits end and I am afraid that the blue screen is going to cause some serious damage to my system. I am using the 32 bit internet explorer. I gave up on the 64 bit as I know that Adobe Flash is not made for 64 bit. Can you give me any other possible fixes?

  19. Kieth says:

    Tried this, but still doesn’t work. I use any flash game over at kongregate to test. They all do the loading animation but then the browser freezes. Does this in ANY browser, not just Firefox. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. The only thing I have left to try is format the computer.

  20. Gaston says:

    this doesn’t work for me, all the browsers crash with flash content ie8, mozilla 3.6 and chrome the sound solution does not work at all and this patch neither, any ideas with out format the computer?

  21. smashing says:

    I download the patch and install it. And it soved. I can play zynga poker again. Thanks!!!

  22. Rex says:

    Did not work for me. Any new suggestions would be great. Extremely irritating.

    • Alot of people, I am sure, are not making sure that Firefox is closed properly. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to get the task manager up > choose the ‘processes’ tab and see if ‘firefox.exe’ is running. If it is listed, click on it once, then choose ‘end process’ in the bottom left.

      Then install the patch.

  23. Allan Scott says:

    Thanks. This had been bugging my wife for the last two weeks, and your download fixed it in seconds. Way to go!

  24. Esquin says:

    I can’t even get the patch file to run. It will start and then the install window just closes and theres no sign of it having worked.

    I’ve tried running it with my anti virus off and still nothing. Not sure whats going on here but i’m thinking storming abode HQ and demanding some help is about the go at this point.

    The one other thing of note, I have 2 shockwave addons in firefox that don’t show up in the remove programs list for windows, so I can’t seem to remove them. I’ve tried doing a totally clean firefox install without any left over programs and nothing. They’re still there. I suspect removing those existing shockwave files would be the way to fix this, but I can’t seem to work out a way to do it short of just wiping half my harddrive.

    • Esquin,
      Firstly, try using the Adobe Removal tool: special removal tool from here. Note: go into my ‘Programs & Features’ in the Control Panel and make sure anything titled ‘Adobe Flash’ or ‘shockwave’ is uninstalled

      Secondly, restart your PC.

      Thirdly, try the patch again. But please note what I said a few weeks back:

      People, I am sure, are not making sure that Firefox is closed properly. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to get the task manager up > choose the ‘processes’ tab and see if ‘firefox.exe’ is running. If it is listed, click on it once, then choose ‘end process’ in the bottom left.

      Then install the patch.

      If none of that works then I am stumped I am sorry to say.

  25. Esquin says:

    Looks like it worked. Thanks for the help, i’ll keep all the files on hand just in case. But thanks.

  26. Sio says:

    So i tried the patch. So far so good, but what bothers me is, how can 1 tab with flash in it use 240MB of Memory? And it gets worse the more i use the Flash app. Now it doesn’t just crash Firefox but the whole System is locked in terms of no response within 5 minutes. Not even shutting down works, hard reset is all that’s left. Firefox is the only thing running, apart from mandatory system files and regular stuff like keyboard and mouse driver.

    • Sio, not sure why you seem to be having a memory leak. But this is Adobe Flash we’re are talking about – mysteries are plentiful with it!

  27. Janak says:

    Thank you for the firefox fix. It works like a charm!

  28. Peter says:

    Firefox kept crashing when watching Youtube videos. I was getting the error message, “Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel mode Driver version 257.21 has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.” However, I installed the patch and everything seems to be working so far. *fingers crossed* Thanks!

    • Glad to hear things have worked out for you Peter.

      My further advice to you would be to visit the Nvidia website and download the latest drivers for your graphics card if you’re getting error messages like that.

  29. John A Zinda says:

    Thank you so much for this fix! It is amazing and you are appreciated. I installed this patch 3 days ago and I haven’t posted a reply as I was waiting to see if it would continue to work. In the past fixes were only temporary. Anyway 3 days and all is well!! Great Job!! I can’t view any flash in IE with the flash player uninstalled but I can live with that as Firefox is my preferred browser. Also everything is working well in Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. Adobe need to get with the program and IE should get out of the browser business. I am a web designer and getting very tired of hacking just to please IE. Enough said …. Thanks again

  30. dan wojehowski says:

    the only problem i seem to have is that when i attempt to use my web cam Firefox ( and IE and chrome) will freeze up and i have to use task manager to end the program. Will this patch work for this problem? I am using windows 7, latest version of Firefox 5.0 and flash Thanks!

  31. dan wojehowski says:

    oops firefox version is 3.6.6

  32. dan wojehowski says:

    LOL I asked because my problem seems a little different from others. Don’t want to dig myself into a deeper hole………. lol thanks!

    • Would suggest Dan that you remove any current versions of Flash you have installed as this patch is the previous version to your one (10.0), before you install.

      Let us know it things turned out.

  33. Chris says:

    Hey, Dan, if you’re still having problems with the flash player, try this link by the way, this is a direct download link, so when you copy and paste it in, it will immediately ask you to download or run the file. don’t worry, its a fix that i know works.

  34. Abeon says:

    Thanks for the fix.
    Worked for me using Windows 7 x64 with the latest FireFox version (3.6.8) games use to crash all the time, but you fix seems to have…. eerrr… fixed it, thanks! 🙂

  35. hari says:

    stunning…works perfectly…thanks a lot…

  36. Spencer says:

    Thanks; TheTechAngel;; read what you said to do and I am watching YouTube now. Much Thanks again, Spencer

  37. ChuchoElRoto says:

    You, my good sir, are a stone cold bad-ass. I thank you kindly for putting work into this and for posting it to help everyone out. It is truly appreciated. Keep up the good work!!!

  38. Jason says:

    Thanks, Thankyou, and you are the man! It works have been searching for months for a fix on this Vista system. Great!

  39. rewddewd says:

    Primo. This major annoyance is gone now. U rock. Will spread the word

  40. Bigguns says:

    Thanks so much. This worked great. I was losing my sanity trying to fix the problem.

  41. HAPPY says:

    It works!!!!

    Thanks a million

  42. Talvara says:

    yeah it worked, Thanks for the effort. I was seriously getting worried something was wrong with my new laptop 🙂

  43. andre says:

    Wow. It worked. Thanks for solving an annoying problem.

  44. chuMa says:

    yure DOPE MAN!
    did everything, changed browsers, clened up my pc and put win7 on it again, instaleld older versions of adobe/card driver and and and
    and ur little file fixes it all!

  45. Yair says:

    Hi Thetechangle, I am sorry to report that this patch didn’t work for me.

    I am running Windows 7, 64 bits, running Firefox 3.6.13. My computer is tops (self-built)!

    I quit all browsers, uninstalled the “Adobe Flash Player 10”, installed the patch, and typed in the address bar “about:plugins”—although I haven’t yet re-installed the Flash player—and am getting this:

    Shockwave Flash

    File: NPSWF32.dll
    Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32

    MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
    application/x-shockwave-flash Adobe Flash movie swf Yes
    application/futuresplash FutureSplash movie spl Yes

    Restarted Firefox, but cannot see flash video, reinstalled Adobe Flash Player 10, still no video.

    I also repeated the whole process with rebooting (after the first un-installation of Flash), but to no avail.

    I also replaced my IE 8 with IE 9 Beta (with the Flash Player already installed) and I cannot see flash videos on IE either. IE9 asked me to install….. the Flash Player (although it’s already installed), so it installed for me the “Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X” (what’s the difference between the Plugin and the ActiveX?).

    The bottom line is that, whatever I do, I can’t see flash videos on either IE9 or FFOX.

    At this point, I would like to UNINSTALL your patch. Could you please tell me how to do that?

    Thanks again for your help,


  46. Yair says:

    It’s me again, Thetechangle, and this time, good news. I discovered that decreasing the security settings of my Flash Player gets both FFox and IE Flashing just fine. Problem is that I went through so many operations that I can’t really tell if it was the Patch or just easing up on the Flash Player security settings.

    I still would like to know how to uninstall the Patch. That will also enable me to verify what was the underlying cause.

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and to all.


  47. chuMa says:

    everything is working so far, now my bluescreen (pc crashing for pretending hardware adversity) with the information bout graphic card driver time out changed into a usual pc crashing
    before, it crashed imediatly after opening a flash file, now im able to use flash obejct but after severall minutes my pc somtetimes still crashes.
    with other browsers i mstill ot able to wathc it (with usual adobe flash)

  48. DarkDeth says:

    Adobe came out with a Beta Flash Player for 64-bit systems. Its working fine for me so far, I hope it does the same for the rest of you.
    Heres the link to the download page:

  49. Vickie says:

    Sorry, the fix you provided didn’t work for me. I was able to see YouTube videos but not Adobe TV.
    I installed Win 7 64-bit a week ago, and it works fine with any videos I’ve tried, except Adobe TV. I just installed Photoshop CS5 yesterday after more than 15 years experience with Photoshop, and am still trying to figure it all out. Thanks anyway! I’m going to try the link above this ~ DardDeth’s suggestion.

  50. doug says:

    brilliant works well been looking all over net for a fix

  51. Mark says:

    Dude, it’s still early days for me, but sure seems like you’ve made my day. Thanks a lot for the work dude!

  52. david jenkins says:

    I was using firefox 3.6.15 when I used your patch. Forgot to shut down firefox before installing patch but everything worked fine for the first time in a long time. Thanks for a great solution.
    Firefox issued a security patch to take it to 3.6.16. which caused the youtube video crashes again. I reinstalled your patch and everything is fine again. I don’t use firefox 4 as it will not allow the use of Hide IP NG like 3.6 will. I have an acer aspire 8934g 64 bit with ati mobility radeon 5850 graphics running win 7 x64 ultimate. My version of flash is tried many installs and reinstalls of flash none worked. I thought it was a problem with the graphics card causing the crashes but Acer were of little help when I cantacted them under warrantee. I have none of the problems on my 32 bit other system which has an nvidia card. I am now a happy bunny except fo the fact that I cannot get my HP solution centre to function or reinstall but at least my wireless printer works fine except for scanning.
    Keep up the great work

  53. Shoridan says:

    The fix worked perfectly, but since a new version of firefox came out (4), it still works on that one as well. Figured Adobe already fixed the issue so I tried installing the new version of Flash (10.3) but I already had my whole computer crashing just like old times.

    Been almost a year and a half, any chance you can come up with a fix for the new version of Flash and Firefox ? 🙂
    There is no other version of Flash that seems to work on my lappy without it randomly crashing in the middle.

  54. Paul Ally says:

    Works Great! Thank you very much.

  55. Mark Thompson says:


    Installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Firefox 5.01, Flash 10. Could not run Flash – in fact, with the Flash addon enabled, I could no NOTHING in Firefox, because it would freeze up.

    Followed your instructions exactly, and …. BINGO!!

    Excellent work.

  56. Rick says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your fix. I just bought a new computer with win7 and was having a heck of a time trying to get adobe flash to run without locking up. I just upgraded to firefox 5.0 and was reluctant to add your fix when it said it worked on the earlier version,but it works like a charm. Again thanks for your computer knowledge;Rick

  57. Andre says:

    I really want to thank for your fix. It is unbelieveable to me that such a bug can happen between Aodbe and Windows or where else.

  58. mitchell says:

    is there a patch for the latest adobe flash 10.3 for win7 (x64)? when i upgrade firefox, it says my flash is out of date, then i upgrade to 10.3 and everything crashes (freezes). my only solution is to use your patch, but i can’t play anything that requires flash 10.3.

  59. doug says:

    since my last reply thanking for the fix, ive found a version of firefox which works with the new flash on windows 7 64 bit try using version 3.6.8 tryed it with utube and no problems.

  60. The Editor says:

    For those of you who are interested I am developing an update to the existing patch which will allow for Adobe Flash Player 11 to be installed.

    Please do get in touch if you’re interested:

  61. doug says:

    in reply to the editor about upgrading to firefox 7 has anyone tested it with windows 7 64 bit an does it still crash like the recent version of firefox i did have. i downgraded the firefox to the version 3.6.8 because im still running it with the new flash 11 and having no problems, then you go on to say your doing another patch so i take it the new firefox 7 has the same problem or you would`nt need to do a patch.

    • The Editor says:

      Hi Doug,

      I’ve been made aware that similar (but not the same) issues do occur with FF7. I have prepared a new patch which if you’d like to try with FF7 please do get in touch.

  62. doug says:

    hi again well its just crashed !! at least it ran ok for a while have you that patch then for ff7 ? i`d like to try it please.

  63. Kristina says:

    a year later…wow…looks like it just worked for me too…thanks

  64. Greg says:

    Er… ok real noob here (so be gentle)
    I have Windows 7 64bit system and er… Firefox 9.
    I have the flash plugin 11.1.102 installed and the flash player 11.
    Firefox keeps crashing.
    Will your patch work for me? How do I get it?
    Please help.

  65. Vicky says:

    I’m using Windows 7 (64 bit) for the first time, so bear with me! IE9 was pre-installed and so far seems stable. After installing firefox 10.0.1 it locks up immediately. The home page is the same for both browsers: Will this fix resolve my firefox issue? I’m not sure if IE9 being stable indicates it is a different problem or is it a red herring? Many thanks.

    • The Editor says:

      Hi Vicky,

      Try changing the homepage to anything else but in Firefox (such as If it works normally when starting up on the new homepage then it would point to a faultly plugin in Firefox (not necessarily Flash Player).

      Check for updates to your plugins here:

  66. HP says:

    I’d been struggling with Flash and firefox for HOURS because I could not watch any videos and I was almost ready to give up when I found you link. IT WORKS!!!!!! Thank you 🙂

  67. Moriah Jovan says:

    You are my HERO! Thank you!!!

  68. EJ says:

    I was so p***** with Flash and Firefox for months now, because it continued to crash. I downloaded the patch yesterday. No crash since. Thank YOU xxxxxx

  69. Jessica says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I tried downloading flash from Adobe but Youtube just wouldn’t work… I thought my life was over! To be honest, I was hesitant in downloading from a website I never heard of before, especially when SmartScreen Filter told me I should “Run Away” but now Youtube is working perfectly!!! Thankyou!!! 😀