Sky HD EPG gets a major upgrade

In the early hours of this morning customers will have woken up to an all new Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

A screenshot of the new Sky Electronic Programme Guide

A screenshot of the new Sky Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

The all new look is exclusively for Sky HD customers, and over the next few months the update will be rolled out to all set top boxes.

The new look offers users new features to make it even easier to find, watch and record the programmes they enjoy across our wide range of content, including 32 HD channels.

Some of the changes included:

  • New Mini means you can now browse and watch at the same time. So you’ll never have to miss a minute of your favourite show again.
  • Improved Now Next and Later banner now lets you read a programme synopsis for any programme across any channel up to 12 hours ahead without interrupting your viewing.
  • Improved record and series link makes it even easier for you to record and series link straight from the TV listings without having to go back to your Planner.
  • New Series Stack feature neatly files all the episodes of the same series in one place within your Planner, by grouping them under the series name. Making it even easier to find and manage your recordings.
  • Improved Search feature makes it even easier to discover more of the programmes you love
  • New coloured Shortcut Buttons have also been added for quicker and even easier navigation.

Sky HD customers will start receiving the update either as of this morning or later in the year. The update is being rolled out to customers with Thomson boxes with version number 4E300E first, then 4E3004  boxes, and other brands will follow suite (look on the back of the box to see which brand you have).

This now means the current EPG software version for HD users is sky+8.3.2.

Sky+HD users can find a guide for a manual here: How to troubleshoot a Sky HD Box (reset and upgrade).

Those looking for how to upgrade a regular Sky or Sky+ box should be looking here: How to Troubleshoot a Sky+ box & Upgrade the Firmware

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14 comments to Sky HD EPG gets a major upgrade
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  1. Ken Paterson says:

    I am having trouble with my new sky+ HD box, poor sub titles – very intermittant, also poor teletext- tries to come up but then fails.
    I thought about attempting a HD reset but no information available on how to do this with the latest EPG on board, the old system of using the services button does not apply anymore, any suggestions?

    ken paterson

  2. The Editor says:

    Since this article was published Sky have now started updating Amstrad & Samsung boxes. Details here:

  3. S Guide says:

    Doesn’t work, just updates your software to the latest ‘OLD’ EPG !!

  4. stephen says:

    unplug ur box at the mains, hold down back up on box and put the power lead back in and wait till all the lights on the box flash

  5. Claire Leftwich says:

    Looks horrid – just like the ancient sky of the early 90’s. You can now see less listings per page than before, the button priorities have changed.
    Hate it.
    I don’t need to see every possible option on the screen when I’m looking for something to watch, thank you – I know how to use my menu and remote. Whoops, sorry, “used too.”

  6. Stoney says:

    Stop whining Claire, k thanks.

  7. Mark Wright says:

    I didnt know that the new epg was new we have had it for at least 8 months!!, very good it is too.

  8. paul says:


    Go into the options and you can turn off the M,ini TV to get Double the listings you currently see.

  9. Peter says:

    I have the new EPG and need to run a system reset due to problems with recording, live pause and playback of previous recordings, cant seem to find out how to perform this with the new EPG? can you help?

  10. The latest update has removed the contrast setting in Tools and it’s bugged It says Use to change contrast when you try to change the HD output settings, if you do press it will just cycle through the HD out put settings, not change contrast. Grrrr — I like to have manual control – now have the equivalent of the lowest setting when viewed in HD through HDMI input. Sky help desk say the the “upgrade” cannot be downgraed back to the previous version.

  11. Derek Kyte says:

    My Sky+ HD Box keeps freezing. If I turn it off at the mains switch and back on again, after a short period it starts to work normally again, but this problem repeats it self time and time again

  12. could this new upgrade have stopped me getting any pictur fault coming up no signal but pik up free view on humax no problem also on white side if card brown like burn mark HELP ???

  13. Dex says:

    Hi, can anyone help!! I’ve tried to update my amstrad sky hd box. I’ve had all 4 lights on the front and theyve gone out,switched it all on but I still have the old epg??