How to troubleshoot a Sky+ HD Box (reset and upgrade)

Last year I posted an article about how to reset and force an update for a + box (more on that here). This year, due to some requests, I am posting details of how to reset and force an update on a Sky+ box.

Also, as Sky has released a major Sky HD EPG software revision, the forced update is recommended for those wanting to get it ASAP.

Sky HD box

I would like to point out some important things from the start:

  • It is very unusual for a Sky HD box to go wrong. But these things do happen.
  • Your Sky box must be connected at all times to a telephone line.
  • Most users need not apply for a firmware update, this is only a recommended for users who are experiencing problems with their decoder.
  • Lastly (the boring part, but pay attention!), is providing this information in good faith, but waivers any responsibility for damage caused by these procedures.

Notes before you start

To to the latest software, you will need to force the decoder if it is failing to do so

  • You must have at least 50% signal quality, or more, before attempting a software upgrade
  • Make sure the satellite cable lead is tightly screwed into the decoder and not loose
  • You must have your decoder connected to your Sky registered line, i.e. no a secondary number that they do not know about
  • You are strongly advised not to run this procedure if you have already got the latest firmware available
  • You must not use your phone line whilst you are doing this process
  • Do not unplug the decoder from the mains whilst the software update is happening, or where it appears to have stalled / crash. You may end-up doing permanent damage.
  • If you have broadband on the same phone line / number, you must make sure that you have a broadband filter at the socket that the decoder plugs into. It may also be best that you turn-off your broadband connection at your router or modem whilst doing this process.

How to upgrade to the latest Sky Firmware / Software

  1. Remove your Sky viewing card from the decoder.
  2. Turn on your and ensure that you can see a feed coming from your Sky decoder (if you remove the card it will most likely just give you a message to reinsert the card, but no images will be shown, only a blue background).
  3. Turn-off the decoder at the wall socket, or better still unplug it and wait one minute
  4. Then, holding down the ‘back-up‘ button on the front of the decoder, plug it back into the mains. Do not use the back-up button on the remote control.
  5. Still holding down the back-up button, count to 15, or wait until all the lights on the front of the decoder are on. A message should appear on the TV screen saying that the decoder is “Updating System Software – Please wait” – do so (patiently). When you see this message, you can remove your finger from the back-up button. Remember not to use your phone line during this period.
  6. Wait for around 15 minutes for the software upgrade to complete itself.
  7. When the update has completed the decoder will restart itself automatically. Wait for 2 minutes and 30 seconds after the red light appears. If it does not, wait for a minimum of 1 hour before turning it off and on again at the mains.
  8. Try watching and recording some TV and see if it works.

How to perform a full system reset on your Sky HD box

This should really only be used as a last resort. This is because all the recordings you currently have in your Personal Planner will be deleted.

  1. Press services on your Sky remote control.
  2. Highlight option 4 using the up/down arrows and press select.
  3. Press (number) 0, then 1, then select to access the Installer Menu.
  4. Highlight option 8 and press select to access the Full System Reset procedure.
  5. You will receive a warning advising you that you are about to delete everything that is currently in the planner. Press select to continue.
    • This process can take up to 2 minutes for the Housekeeping message to disappear.
    •  If this is a second time do not attempt this procedure again
    •  If this is the first time the message has frozen follow the Connection Procedure below followed by the Full System Reset procedure again.
  6. You will see a message on your TV screen, “Housekeeping Please Wait.”
  7. After approximately two minutes the Housekeeping message will disappear and your Sky box will carry out the procedure and switch itself off and back on.
  8. Leave your Sky box on standby for one minute and then test the recording facility to confirm that this has solved your problem.

If you have come this far in the article, then final advice would be to call Sky Customer Support to book a service call.

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102 comments to How to troubleshoot a Sky+ HD Box (reset and upgrade)
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  1. midweekbeatle says:

    i tried this today, the pace box i have goes through the motions ok but when i turn it back on after the waiting period i still have the same EPG

  2. rugo says:

    I waiting for new software so long and nothing. So… Can I force an update and upgrade my Sky+HD Box to the latest Sky Firmware with this (above) method but without phone line? I don’t have phone line.

    • The Editor says:

      Rugo, you need a phone line in order to download the update.
      If you’re outside the shores of GB then your going to be a bit stuck. I don’t think Sky allows users to dial-in from outside the UK when it checks for a software update.

  3. jade says:

    iam trying to get back delted recordings

  4. rocket dog says:

    Hi, i have tried this on numerous occasions and it only downloads the old epg. I have recently had 3 sky hd boxes fail within three weeks and each time sky replaced them with refurbed old boxes with the older software……
    Now have been waiting 3 weeks for the upgrade……
    you would think that as we all pay so much for sky the replacements sent out would already have the new software…

  5. The Editor says:

    Since this article was published Sky have now started updating Amstrad & Samsung boxes. Details here:

  6. Type-r says:

    I tried the above method on my Samsung Sky+ HD Box and also still have the old EPG? I know Sky have just started releasing the EPG for Samsung boxes but the above method, I still have the old EPG.

  7. Jendo says:


    No, you don’t need a phone line, (Well i didn’t) I just did the upgrade and it worked perfectly. The only thing that initially confused me in the instructions was that the ‘backup button’ was on the FRONT. My sky+ HD box is on a shelf underneath the television, i looked everywhere on the internet, and eventually found out that the button is ON TOP of the box, not on the front. so i pulled it out, and found it. Hope this stops any confusion for anyone else. (Especially if you don’t even know what the backup button i supposed to look like)

  8. The Editor says:

    Thanks Jendo for the tip-off. I am sure it will be of help to some.

  9. ecps says:

    Thank you, very useful – but when following your instructions for upgrading software/firmware, at what stage do I reinsert the Sky card?

  10. KELF says:

    Can anyone say if this has worked for them? The only comments are from those who haven’t had it work (other then jendo). I have just had a new samsung installed and am thinking of running the above – if there is a chance of it working!

  11. Liam says:

    I see that Jade lost his/her recordings.

    Does this happen to every upgrade?

  12. KELF says:

    I tried this on Friday and (you guessed it) same old EPG! No loss of recordings or planned recordings. I might try again this Friday if nothing else happens before.

  13. Jamston says:

    I’ve only just had sky installed and remembered the engineer saying there was going to be an EPG update. I tried the update last night, the procedure worked but nothing appears to have changed!? One thing i did notice though is that previously when i went into the signal test section It showed 2 input signals, full strength, about 90% quality but it now only shows 1 input signal! Don’t know if this should be an issue as I can still record a program and watch another!?

  14. Jamston says:

    Ignore my last comment about it not showing the second input signal, it’s re-appeared now!

  15. taclaa says:

    Just tried this with my Samsung Sky+HD box… Firsty just holding down ‘Back up’ and plugging in the power did not work, i needed to hold down ‘back up’, plug in mains then press the power button. All the lights on the front came on, green amber and 2 red lights form memory and on the tv black screen with large white writing saying ‘Updating software, please do not unplug power or disconnect the satellite. This should take 10 mins’ (something like that anyway) 😛 After 10mins ish it restarted and the red standby LED came on quite quickly. Powered up the unit but no new epg…. im sad now! i really want this new epg! thanks for the article anyway.

    • The Editor says:

      Judging by how many people have posted that the upgrade is not yet available to Samsung STB users, I think we can all safely conclude that it’s not yet actually available, despite what Sky said in September.

      Very confused, but I am sure there is some sort of logic in the situation!

  16. john says:

    ive just had sky installed and it came with the new epg with mini screen too. However the infra-red reciever did not work and had to have another box with the old epg, boo hoo.

  17. KELF says:

    UPDATE: I tried again to update my SAMSUNG HD box on Friday the 30th but to no joy. I feel like asking from some compensation as I upgraded to HD partly because I saw the advert about the new EPG and wanted it. At no point was I told that I wouldn’t get it on install.

  18. KELF says:

    UPDATE: have just come home to find an email from sky saying my new EPG is on it’s way. Do you think they read my post? I’m going to try and force the update either tonight or tomorrow.

  19. GM Chicken says:

    From what I gather from a little research online, the following statements seem to be true.

    The upgrade procedure listed above only installs the latest stable version for your box, which I believe does not currently contain the new EPG if you have a Samsung.

    The latest stable version is provided in the even that the new EPG contains a fault, so that you can rollback to the previous. The new EPG version will not be considered stable until sufficient time has passed that they are confident it in.

    If your box has downloaded the new EPG and is waiting to activate it over night, performing the procedure above will remove it. This means you will be waiting even longer to receive it, as the box will not be triggered again for a while.

    On the flip side though, if one person (genuinely) gets the EPG upgrade for a Samsung box through the method above, this will mean that the stable version now includes the new EPG. This should mean that all users would be able to get it in the same method.

  20. KELF says:

    UPDATE: my HD box updated on Thursday the 12th of November at some point. I didn’t have to force a software update.

  21. Jamie S says:

    Just done the suggested update on a Samsung HD box and now have the new EPG.

  22. Keith says:

    Just did this on the Amstrad box and it downloaded the old EPG…

  23. robert tait says:

    had nothing but trouble with sky hd since the new epg came through two weeks ago, first it started going through the channels slowly then froze, off/on at the socket still doing the same, phoned and the engineer took me through two different procedures, a rebuild and then the backup as described above, it is still faulty the engineer is coming out on dec 1st.

  24. Alan G says:

    I’ve got a similar problem with my Thomson 902020 skt + HD box. I’ve done a planner rebuild, reset and the ‘unplug it, hold backup and plug in, lights on, update message’ thingy – but it still freezes in playback and the epg is sluggish to respond. All was well until about a week ago. The box was installed 2 yrs ago. Any more ideas welcome.

    How can so many people have so many problems? How do sky get away with it?

  25. KD says:

    Hey. I updated my box withouth tlf ( i did not knew had to connect to tlf line ) seems to box is updated and i have new EPG etc. But they problem is i am not geting picture. Its telling me no signal when i have full signal.

    I dont live i UK 🙁 What should i do ?

  26. Alan G says:

    Good news re my Thomson sky+ box! Sky will give me a new one for just £30 installation fee because I didn’t buy it from them direct. That means I qualify for their current promo.
    Let’s hope it lasts longer than the last box! The lesson is if you didn’t get your box direct from Sky – you can get another one for free!

  27. jimik says:

    hi there we have just installed sky hd but have found the sound very very quiet, in fact you have to turn the tv up to max to get to what it used to be ie- 100 to get the same as 20 on the old sky box its not the tv as this is brand new LED and the sound was great before the install ,,can you advice

  28. Damien says:

    your above guide seems out of date as currently pressing services then 4 I end up in box office menu, can you please advise how i get to the engineer menu with this new menu? Thanks

  29. Andrew G says:

    Well I’ve just come home to a “No signal being received”. After trying all the Sky technical support offered I was told to get an engineer out. At time of writing I have performed a full reset and am now attempting a firmware upgrade. I followed the instructions above and whilst the four LED lights have come on I am not getting an onscreen message telling me its upgrading? So I’m not sure if its doing it or not? I’m gonna wait but am curious now have I wrecked it?

  30. Rick W says:

    Hi, I have a problem with HD, which only started after the software was upgraded automatically. The HD box HDMI output is fed through my ONKYO amp. When the HD channel is selected I usually get a scrambled screen, look like a computer glitch! I have to reset the HD box and occasionally the Amp. Has any body else had these type of issues, when selecting a HD chanel after viewing a normal broadcast?

  31. terry says:

    i have a samsung sky hd box,followed above instructions and now have the new epg.

  32. Socks and Pants says:

    I had the amstrad HD installed yesterday with the old epg. After finding this site (TV has freestat built in but didn’t want to have to keep messing about with cables in and out of sky/tv) I can report that it works! I now have the new epg and also ITV HD – big thank you.

  33. paul says:

    ‘socks and pants’, i am in the same situation as you. how do you get the new EPG, as mine is currently on the old one.

  34. gary-nottingham says:

    i have been repairing sky boxes for a while now. the comment from the editor to only do a reset once is not always correct, as sometimes you have to do a reset upto 4 times to clear your hard drive to get it back in working order. depending on how big your hard drive is this could take quite a while so be patient.
    i have bought many sky+ hd boxes and upgraded and reset to find they work perfectly.

  35. debbie says:

    how do i reset a old sky card thats lost some channels

  36. Katy says:

    Hi, a long time ago my Thomson sky + box upgraded overnight, but since then, doesn’t work until each morning I unplug the box, then turn it back on again.I press SERVICES and go into Def Transp and change frequency, then re-do this to get the proper signal so that the programme times come up and the recording and sky+is enabled.
    It has had a rebuild and I lost all recorded programmes, but didn’t cure the problem.I don’t have a phone number attached, nor do I live in the UK.
    Also, the firm who sold me the box, (4oo euros) put a parental lock on it without telling me the number so many things are blocked and they can’t help sort it.
    1. Is there anything I can do, or must I go through the same time consuming proceedure every day?
    2. Is there any way to get rid of a parental lock, or change it, when you don’t know the original 4 digit number which never matched my card?
    I’d be so grateful for any help you can give, Sincerely, Katy

    • Katy, it sounds as though you’re in quite an advanced phase of troubleshooting.

      Have you tried resetting the PIN through your online account (

      Try unplugging the box overnight, and plugging it back in the morning, rather than a quick reset.

      Other than this is as far as I can help you. But, hope this is of help.

  37. Paul Tunstall says:

    reply to Andrew G Dec 19th. I had those problems (No signal) and found out the HD boxes are built on the cheap. I took it to a chap in Camberley who replaced the capacitors and it worked fine. Its recently started to slow up like a glitched Computer but I will try the hard reset. Should clear out all those Emmerdales and eastenders as well. P.

  38. Kurt says:

    Thanks !!!!! I just tried your advice to get the new EPG and it worked ! Im well Happy !

    OK tried it first without the phone line plugged in – So maybe that is important

    Anyway – Tried again and I have the new EPG – WELL HAPPY !!!!!

    Thank You


  39. Katy says:

    Thanks for your help, it was kind of you to reply.
    I nearly always leave the plug out overnight now, to no avail.
    I’ll get my daughter to try to reset my pin. I live in Spain so don’t want to let them have my email, in case they cut me off.
    I wish they’d find a way for expats to pay extra and have Sky legally. We’d all gladly do it.

  40. Tony says:

    Do you know if I get the new EPG on my Sky+HD box if I do not have an HD Subscription?

  41. Tony says:

    If I give it a go I shall let you know the outcome!

  42. steve says:

    i have bought a second hand thompson sky + HD box model – DSI8215. im waiting for my multi room card to be sent to get it up and running. it has a 1tb memory installed on it, but when i received the box the guy left a message saying not to reset it or re build it. i have tried to contact the seller to find out why but have had no response so far. i want to get the latest epg software but will i damage the sky box by doing so. any help would be greatly appreciated

  43. matty78 says:

    You don’t say when to re-insert the viewing card. I presume this is when the system turns back on again. Thanks for the help.

  44. Mo says:

    Brilliant worked a treat to get the new epg. Had an Amstrad SKY+ HD Box installed in Feb, old menu. was very annoyed. Used this software update info and was set-up with the latest EPG in 15 mins max. So easy. Box loses picture a few times a week for a few seconds… hopefully the software update sorts this out.

  45. Matt says:

    Hi all,

    I got an Amstrad HD box yesterday with some firmware (cant remember the edition, as I’m at work) that causes the SD channels to be very quiet.

    I’m a little nervous about running this firmware update. Do you know how frequently a signal is sent from Sky to updaet firmware? I would have thought that it will update eventually, and because it has only been in place for less than 24 hours, I might wait for it to happen automatically.

    Any thoughts on this would be really appreciated!

    thanks alot


  46. phil says:

    i have just gone to sky talk and broadband, since then i have no input signal on input 2.
    could the changover cause this or is there a problem with my thompson box (2 years old).
    any help would be very appriciated.

    • Unlikely this would be a fault because of the change of phone service. Probably best to detach input 2, check that there is no dust on the connectors and reinsert. Also check the cable from the box to the dish and make sure there is no breaks.

  47. phil says:

    checked the above all seems ok. but still no input signal but i do have an error code 28 and a loss of some channels, ( non hd channels ) and gold.

  48. phil says:

    i loose input on both lines

    • Probably best to call Sky then and explain what’s happening and get an engineer out.

      I would be looking at a possible issue with receiver on the dish, but this is where my knowledge runs out – I am sorry to say.

  49. phil says:

    thanks for your help an time
    kind regards

  50. EagleGreen says:

    Hi Folks,
    I just wanted to add that I have just tried this on my newly delivered HD box and got the new EPG no problem. Here’s the thing … I have a Sky+ subscription only, not Sky HD. I suppose this is the answer that Tony on Apr 1st never got around to adding.

    Anyway, well pleased with this. Thanks to all for their help and guidance.

  51. EagleGreen says:

    One other point though, I am in Scotland and now all the BBC and ITV channels 101 102 103 are London region. I can also get ITV HD on the EPG fine, but anyone know how and if I can re-order channel 101 to BBC Scotland as opposed to BBC London… ?

  52. EagleGreen says:

    Never mind that last comment … I forgot to put my viewing card back in! Duh! When I did that, it sorted itself.

    However, a resolution for Scottish Viewers unable to see ITV HD … take your viewing card out and Hey Presto, there it is!

  53. jem lewis says:

    [edited] we have had sky hd since dec09 and we have had nothink but trouble with it doing all the thing that have been said im really disapointed with sky they sent a engineer out the first time when we couldnt watch any sky 4 a bout 2 wks he said because of the christmas rush the box hadnt had the software requierd so he up dated it so he says then the same happens again a month later r we gonna be fobbed of with the same ******** again. We are paying £68.50 a month for this **** im thinking of reporting them to watch dog surley they cant get a way with this can they? Im curently have no sky at the mo as it is ******* and havnt had it 4 the last 3 days 3/5/10

  54. Michael says:

    I have a Sky+ HD box and I am living in an apartment builduing with only one one line coming out of the wall, so only one of the signal inputs of the box is connected.

    It seems the box is randomly switching between the inputs, very often the picture is gone suddenly and only the message “no signal input” is shown. Also, it seems the box is very often using the other input to update the program data, usually after 5 or 6 days I get to see the message “no program info available” for some and soon after all programs.

    Is there a way to force the Sky+ HD box to use only one signal input? I have installed a line splitter, which only passes power from one line, but that improved things only marginally….

  55. Mick says:

    Had Sky+HD installed just over a week ago. They couldn’t get all the channels working. Did the upgrade you described and everthing works. Begs the question why didn’t they tell me how to do this. Many many thanks.

  56. Bex says:

    Many thanks for this guide. Have had to have 2 new boxes in the last 3 months, the most recent being about 6 weeks ago but still with the old guide. This guide worked perfectly (despite Sky telling me I woUld just have to wait!). Cheers

  57. Hutch says:

    After waiting over a month for the new EPG after getting a new box I tried calling sky who assured me that there was no way to force an upgrade. However, I just tried the above steps and they worked WITHOUT A PHONE LINE :-)….very pleased!

  58. stuart says:

    keep getten no 48 no signal being rieceved had this a few times bud any help much appreciated.i have a samsung hd.many thanks.

  59. Allan savage says:

    Can anyone help, just got a Sky+HD box after about two hours viewing , the message Sky HD plase wait comes up and then screen goes blank and I have to turn it off and then on to get it back working right, happens every two hours , does anyone know what the problem is

  60. kellyralf says:

    When we tried this, as talked through by sky telephone man, the box would not reset. It did the housekeeping please wait but this vanished almost immediately and nothing happened. They say we need an engineer? Now it freezes every time we go to the tv guide.

  61. Alex says:

    It is not “It is very unusual for a Sky HD box to go wrong.” I’ve had two in 6 months which have had this problem. The only consolation is that Sky to have a very good customer service and the boxes were replaced very quickly.

  62. george says:

    I have had sky hd for 4 years and is a total pain at present i cant get any hd film channels and the box freezes up every day whats virgin like

  63. clark says:

    just got sky hd box sound not very good

  64. Leanne B says:

    I have had the Samsung HD+ box since may 09 had no problems with it until about 2 months ago, it was taking a while to start up and then all of a sudden we had no inut signal from input 2. I turned Anytime off and set to SFM and its working but won’t record any programmes and now this week its started giving me a no programme synosis on every channel bu the one im watching. I have had the box for over a year and will have to pay a £60 engineer call out charge, considering my sky account amounts to £70pm I feel this is unreasonable, any quick fixes welcome if I cnt fix it, its going to be bye bye sky

  65. Mickabi says:

    Just to point out the software update is carried out thro the Sat connections not the telephone line.

    Sky use the phone line to interigate your info on the viewing card. I got this info from an independant Sat engineer who set up our system at work.


  66. Ness P says:

    Leanne B, mine is doing exactly that now, did you find out what was wrong?

  67. martin s says:

    just wonder when you use asky+hd box do you have to pay to record and pause tv

  68. gordies says:

    for George-Nottingham.

    George. My Samsung box suddenly stopped coming out of standby. Done the backup update procedure and got the display on screen UPDATING etc. All 4 lights on for about 10-15mins and then shortly afterwards the blue spinning leds and then nothing. Stays on standby and wont come out of standby.

    However, when I press the power on button on the remote my TV autoswitches to the Sky channel (HDMI) so there must be a signal being pushed out on HDMI. However, box stays with standby light on and I get nothing else on the tv screen.

    Have been inside the box, nothing looks charred or melted, hard drive is spinning away and every so often you can hear the familiar heads moving or parking.

    Do you have any suggestions of what to look for as you seem to have loads of experience with this things !

    cheers, Gordie

  69. mcopperfield says:

    hi – I just got a new sky+HD box. Paired with my card; the engineer told me this would take @1min and then I should update the software (the unplug, press back-up and plug in again). Now my problems start!
    The card hadn’t indeed paried with my box in 1 min (I waited 10); and engineer later told me that it can take upto 24hrs. When I plug my box in each time it now tells me the software is updating, this should take no longer than 10mins and don’t unplug to box during this time.
    3 calls later, we tiems unplugged and waiting for 1.5hrs+ for the software to update I’m now in a situation where the box isn’t working I just get the ‘updating software….’ message, and unable to get to the services menu to do a reset. Any ideas?
    So far the suggestioin from sky is to have an engineer come (GBP65) or take out a service package (GBP8 per month for a year). My next issue – I’m not uk based…..
    Can idea can I load the latest software online and upload through the USB? (Have a Amstrad DRX890).
    Many thanks – anyone!

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Wayman
      I know you posted this in Feb and its now September but I hope you have got it fixed. If not all you have to do is try leaving it on a free channel it picks up (BBC 1 if you get it but any will do) and leave it on that channel for about an hour. Go back and the message will have gone and you can get all the Sky channels you pay for. Try Sky 1 first. This worked for me when my box was off for two months during a protracted house move.

  70. Wayman says:

    Hello ‘ i am an expat moved out to poland an have a minor issue ‘ i hade an engineer fit my dish ‘signal strength is ok getting sky adds and homescreen ‘ i have hade to box switched off for at least 6 weeks ‘ what i do see in the corner is i quote ‘ This is the wrong card inserted insert the correct Sky card viewing card ‘ ? Knowing that all was fine when i was in the uk i am now cratching my head ‘Do i need to upgrade to the latest Sky Firmware / Software as in your instructions above ‘Thank u ever so much for any advice u can offer itching for a reply as i have no english TV for quite awhile ‘Thanks again

  71. claudia says:

    we had a sky engineer show us the other day and he said it was fine to do it without the phone line as it goes off the satelite.

  72. tony says:

    I have a slightly different issue. There is rarely any problem with my SKY+hd just the occasional freezing up cured by switching off and on at the mains.
    However, I am having an intermittent problem with the HDMI connection. I switched to SKY+hd about a year ago. This started about four months ago whereupon turning on the TV the screen will go blank after 4/5 seconds followed by a message stating that HDMI is not supported then giving me a a SKY number to ring. The TV is a Sony Bravia and the HDMI lead is connected to AV4, although it makes no difference if AV5 is used. I have spoken to SKY who have suggested that the TV is at fault. They have, also, recommended that the scart lead to AV1 is disconnected but this makes no difference.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

  73. tony says:

    I meant to add that if I disconnect the HDMI from the set then replace it the transmission is restored.

  74. ad33l says:

    jus gt a sky+hd box done the update but stil it says no signal can anyone help me many regards adeel

  75. Mike says:

    You say that Sky boxes rarely go wrong well, I’ve had six in four years!

  76. simon says:

    The hard drive stopped working and the planner, record and playback function flagged a system fault. I tried a system reset but still no joy. I then tried the software upgrade and once complete all functions have been restored and the box is working fine. Great stuff and saved a long winded call to sky. Thanks.

  77. Certy says:

    What is an epg and how do I know if I’ve an old one or a new one – by the way the reason I’m updating or resetting the software is that the box freezes every day or the screen change or selection reaction is 20 or 30 seconds behind he remote button press – is this the right thing to do?

  78. Certy says:

    Thanks man! I did work it out eventually – I have the same the problem as Simon in statement 76 although when following the instructions Settings aoption 4 the remote takes me to a favourites page????

  79. Jag lover says:

    Hi, my sky +hd box had a funny five minutes a few days ago and now the magic eyes in the other rooms don’t work. The lights are on on them and there is still a picture but none of the remotes work them, help please!!!

    • jamie says:

      go to settings press 01 then select. go to rf and select power on

  80. Fordsdad says:

    Brill! Worked a treat! Thanks very much

  81. Richard says:

    I thought I had the latest version of the EPG as when U upgraded to HD a couple of years ago, I got a different one. I thought that was the latest

    I didn’t know there was a new EPG as I hadn’t seen any info, or ads about it.

    I thought, what they hey, I’ll do it any way – I did and it worked perfectly, no glitches, and I have the new EPG.
    DRX890 Sky+ HD

    To summarize – Brill! Worked a treat! Thanks very much

  82. Daniel says:

    it did not work

  83. Rob says:

    Hi, im having problems with a refurbished skyhd box, it records programmes without any error message being recieved, however when i try to play back it freezes at 15min and will go to a black screen whilst the blue playback light remains on? The only way to get the box back on at all is to turn off and on at the plug! I have gone through many forums and have stumbled accros this one as there seems to be a few good answers, any help would be greatly appricated.

  84. Ann says:

    High i am having a problem with Amstrad HD, box the record light and the payback light are all ways on, the play back light goes one way then the other, with the record light flashing.


  85. Dot says:

    Very helpful, done exactly what was required . Sky hd box happy again

  86. kisha says:

    It don’t work on my. SKY HD box why that